Our horseshoeing school instructors know what it’s like to start a business

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors, Sam, Tiffany, and Jonathan, are all graduates of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School. They went off and started their practices, shoeing horses. This gives our instructors a perspective that sets us apart from other schools. We understand what struggles you're going to have as a student, what roadblocks you're going to face, and how to push you through them.

We identify our student's strengths, helping them progress towards graduating the program and starting their business. We can't tell you how big that is, our knowledge base and experience level, offers a ton to any student that comes through our doors.

Why Walk Away?

You might be wondering, why Sam, Tiffany, and Jonathan gave up their shoeing careers, to teach. They all have different reasons that are beneficial for a person who's thinking about becoming a farrier to consider. Sam was 42 when he came through the program. He graduated and shod horses for nine years. At 51 Sam needed to pull back. Recognizing that he was working too much, but wanting to keep his foot in the door of the industry.

Teaching was the perfect transition for Sam. Today he's able to keep up on new trends, studies, and research, continuing to hone his skills while simultaneously passing his knowledge onto the next generation of farriers. This opportunity has allowed Sam to diversify a career that he loves.

A Day in the Classroom

What goes on a typical day in the classroom at PCHS? Monday through Friday we’re forging and giving lectures. We shoe horses during the week, giving our students as much hands-on experience as possible.

Every block, we bring out Larkin Greene with Vettec who introduces polyurethane and acrylic products. He spends a day with you, exposing you to a different aspect of the industry. Larkin teaches you how to help a horse without steel in a way that ads something more than just a barefoot trim.

Our instructors know what it takes to start a successful farrier business. They have made mistakes and learned from them. They have celebrated those big moments of success that come with owning your own business. They can’t wait to meet you and get you started on your journey towards becoming a professional farrier.

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