A farrier shoeing a horse

Life as A Farrier

We want to shout out all of our outstanding community members who support us here at PCHS. After coming out of South East Asia, Bob spent a year as a police officer. It just wasn’t the life for him, so he resigned and went to horseshoeing school instead.

When he reflects on his work over the last 46 years, he thinks he's cheated life. He got to wake up in the morning and be around people who have a passion and love for their horses. He got to come and go as he pleased, spending his days just chatting with folks and enjoying their company as he worked on their horses.

A few years back, we had a police officer here at school. Bob would tease him that once he started shoeing horses, people would actually be happy to see them when he pulled into their driveways.

He said it jokingly, but it’s true. As a farrier, you get to choose who you surround yourself with. If you don’t enjoy a client’s company. You can fire them. Bob never kept negative, grumpy, or obnoxious clients around when he was shoeing horses.

He got to enjoy a full schedule of enjoyable clients for many many years. If you are shoeing horses, you are having a blast. You aren’t stuck in an office. You aren’t stuck with dealing with the same miserable people every single day. You aren’t sitting in rush hour traffic day in and day out commuting to and from work.

You are getting to go out to people’s homes and help them care for their passion, their horses. If you are sick of everyday life's negativity, and the news, and social media, give horseshoeing a try. You find it’s a great lifestyle that gives you freedom, good money, and a wonderful environment to raise your kids in. Apply Now