Our students learning to be professional farriers

We Support Our Farriers After They Graduate

We never tire of watching our students go from the first week to the end of our program. After graduation, our students are just not gone and forgotten. All of our instructors give out their contact information to our graduates. We answer the phone whenever it rings, evenings, weekends, it doesn't matter, we help our professional farriers.

We cram in a lot of information in a short eight weeks. We plant the seeds of success, but they take time to grow. Our graduates must know where they can get information when they need it.

Just because you've graduated doesn't mean you're not still part of the family. We love getting phone calls from graduates. Even if it's an emergency and your client is standing right there. We are happy to help. Our response is vital to your early success as you come out of school and encounter the unexpected for the first time.

We receive hundreds of photographs of horse's feet every month, asking for help. "What do I do? I'm not sure about this. This is what I've done; I need you to critique it. Help me plan for the second and third shoeing." Some of the pictures we get say, "take a look at this job I just did." We always beam with pride to see these fantastic shoeings that you're doing.

Our horseshoeing school is big on continuing education for the rest of your career. For the last 29 years, Bob has allowed our students to come back and work at the school anytime for as long as they need free of charge. Some students come back and spend a week redefining their forge skills as they move from backyard horses into performance horses.

Some come back to hone their skills in preparation for the American Farriers Association or American Association of Professional Farriers certifications. We help with the written exam and the forge exam, bringing in horses for them to work on. Other come back to relive the fun and camaraderie of our program.

Farriers have two leading organizations within the industry, the American Farriers Association (AFA), and the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF). Each organization has a different focus on continuing education. Bob is a lifetime member of both groups, his AFA number is 504, and his AAPF number is 11.

We encourage you to join both organizations, as well as subscribe to the American Farrier Journal. This publication is, in essence, the flagship of farrier education throughout the world. It's a fantastic publication full of information about our profession, articles from professional farriers, research papers, opinion pieces, products and advertising, and events.

The American Farrier Journal also hosts the annual International Hoof-Care Summit. It is the world's largest farrier convention and trade show, a candy shop for farriers. One week of unbelievable education from new research, to technique and demonstrations.

Bob loves running into past students at the summit. Some go back to the early 90s. The affirmation that our program has helped people achieve freedom and success is unbelievable. He returns to California amped and excited to continue teaching

Would you rather work 260 days a year, or 199 days a year? We choose 199! We value our time and would rather spend it with family and friends than working ourselves to the bone.

Education is the key to being a successful farrier. If you're thinking about going to farrier school, make sure you consider the quality of the education you will receive before and after graduation. Apply Now