A horseshoeing student getting the job done

Cowboy Code #4 - Do What Needs to Be Done

TMost people resist doing what needs to be done. They procrastinate, meaning they have a habit of intentionally putting things off. Procrastination in your work translates to procrastination in your personal life and vice versa. It prevents you from making progress in your business, your association, and your life.

Habitual procrastination is a huge problem. Take a good hard look at your life. Are you putting off making major decisions like moving your family, growing your business, or buying a home? If you can’t seem to make an immediate decision about anything in your life, you are habitually procrastinating.

What Causes Habitual Procrastination?

Procrastination is driven by your thoughts and habits, but you must understand fundamentally, that people avoid doing tasks that they don't enjoy, think will take too long, or believe they’re going to fail at.

Unfortunately, putting things off doesn't make you feel better. It gives you anxiety, guilt and remorse.

Things farriers commonly procrastinate are:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Replying to clients emails or texts
  • Replacing lost shoes
  • Washing/organizing their rig

Your ability to control your actions, and emotions will make or break your success. Habitual procrastinators lack self-discipline which equates to a lack of self-control. You must ensure that your behaviors are consistent with your long term objectives and goals.

Procrastination starts when you’re in a bad mood, or having negative thoughts. It happens when you give power to others by attributing your success or happiness (or lack thereof) to them. Spending too much time playing video games, watching tv, or scrolling on the internet can cause habitual procrastination.

You’re probably interested in becoming a farrier because you hate being told what to do. If you want to be successful, you have two choices, take control of yourself and go out there and live the life you want, or assign that control to someone else by getting a job.

If freedom is the biggest thing that you love in life, you have to take on the responsibility of controlling your thoughts and actions. The freedom that comes with being a farrier is unlike anything else. You must have a structure in place for your life to make your success sustainable..

Self-discipline is a kind of freedom. When you let things hang over you and bother you instead of taking care of them you lose your freedom. Everyone knows there are consequences for your actions, but there are consequences to your inactions too.

When you practice self-control you’ll feel empowered. You’ll be the master of your thoughts, actions, and emotions instead of a slave to them. This gives you the freedom you want in life. Not every part of life is fun. There are often hundreds of things we'd rather be doing than what we have to do, but we must balance our responsibilities with our indulgences. This is probably one of life's greatest challenges.

There will always be a reason why you can't or won't do something if you want to find it, but there’s also always a reason why you can and will. Procrastinators are not victims. They are people that make a choice.

Get started on whatever it is that you need to do. It doesn't matter how small the action is, as long as you're going in the right direction. Feel the freedom and liberation of finishing projects and tying up loose ends in your business. Small changes eventually lead to big results.

Action inspires action and momentum creates more momentum. If you've got a habit of procrastinating we hope this helps you get a little control back in your life. . Apply Now